X-Ray Technician School in Center Strafford NH 76230

X-ray technician schools in Center Strafford NH 76230 train students to take diagnostic internal images of patients using various types of X-ray technology in Center Strafford NH 76230. Working as a technician requires highly specialized training and skills. Certification and/or licensing requirements are different in each region, but all technicians are required to complete a hands-on training program due to the nature of their job. Individuals who have on-the-job experience with X-ray related healthcare may qualify to complete an online training program, but this depends on local certification requirements and the nature of previous work experience in Center Strafford NH 76230.

X Ray Technician Schools in Center Strafford NH 76230

Educational Requirements

A high school diploma or its equivalent is generally the only prerequisite for admission into a school that offers x ray programs, but it is recommended for high school students to take math, science, biology, and chemistry courses. Some colleges will require students to have take courses in English composition, algebra, psychology, human anatomy and physiology prior to admission.

Types of Degrees

X-ray technician programs in Center Strafford NH 76230 for a one-year certificate or a two-year associate’s degree in radiological technology are offered at community colleges and technical schools. It is also possible to attend a university to obtain a four-year bachelor’s degree in radiological technology. A four-year degree is generally sought by individuals who seek a future position in management or other areas. Community college costs much less than attending a technical school. The length of the program and number of courses will affect the overall cost as well.


Coursework can vary between X Ray Technician schools in Center Strafford NH 76230, but the radiological aspect of the curriculum will be similar or the same, regardless of the school enrolled in. Courses will generally consist of basic medical courses, dealing with patient care and radiological courses. The basic medical courses are anatomy and physiology, medical law and ethics, medical terminology, healthcare communications, and patient care. Radiological courses consist of information and hands-on experience that will teach you how to correctly position a patient and X-ray machine to obtain the best diagnostic image, as well as courses on radiologic exposure, radiation biology, radiographic physics, radiographic pathology, and radiation protection.


Most community colleges in Center Strafford NH 76230 offer a two-year associate’s degree in radiological technology, which is the most common degree sought by students. There are also many technical schools that have excellent training programs nationwide. Everest College is a school that has over 100 campuses in several states and offers a two-year associate’s degree in radiological technology. Remington College is a popular technical school that also has many different locations. They offer a medical assisting program that includes a limited-scope X-ray technician and EKG diploma.

Online x-ray technician schools are few and far between, as all programs, including online programs, require some on-site training. It is possible, though, to complete some coursework online, depending on the program and school you choose.

Becoming an X-ray technician in Center Strafford NH 76230 is an excellent career choice, as the program can be completed quickly and the salary is good. A technician working in this field is able to earn an average of $48,500 a year, and the salary can range anywhere from $35,000 to $60,000 per year. X-ray technician schools offer excellent training in this ever-advancing field of medicine. Radiological technology is an excellent field to become a part of, as the need for safe, effective radiological diagnostics is always increasing.

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