X-Ray Technician School in Wernersville PA 50036

Radiology technician schools in Wernersville PA 50036 train radiology technicians, also known as radiographers, to assist in capturing internal images of a patient’s body using various forms of radiological technology. These technicians must precisely position patients and machinery to obtain an image that is suitable for review by a physician in Wernersville PA 50036. They must also assess several factors with each patient in order to maintain the safety and efficacy of each examination in Wernersville PA 50036.

Those who work in this field must have specific educational requirements in Wernersville PA 50036 they must fulfil before they can become employed. There are many factors to consider when choosing a school or program, such as location, tuition, local certification requirements, and desired level of education.

Radiology Technician Schools in Wernersville PA 50036

Education and Training

In general, it is necessary to obtain at least a two-year associate’s degree to become a radiology technician. In order to qualify for entry into an associate’s degree program, one must have a high school diploma with good performance in math and science. An associate’s degree program provides intensive training that familiarizes students with the technology they will be using on the job. During training, students become familiar with the use of various radiographic machines such as CT scanners, digital mammography machines, and X-ray machines in Wernersville PA 50036.

Upon completion of an accredited program, it is possible for radiology technicians to sit a certifying exam offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Some states and employers may require radiologic technologists to be certified. Even if certification is not a requirement, it is definitely preferred by employers.

It is also possible to attend a four-year bachelor’s degree program, offered at universities and some community colleges. Aspiring technicians usually choose a bachelor’s degree if they wish to branch out into other fields later in their career or become a supervisor in Wernersville PA 50036.


Radiology technician schools offer courses that generally begin with an introduction to radiology, which covers radiographic technology, the images it produces, and various tools and procedures in the profession. Other courses will introduce students to the various parts of the body that are scanned using this technology such as the skull, thorax, and abdomen.

Human anatomy and physiology will be covered, which includes units on human diseases and how radiologists can detect them. Radiologic safety will be thoroughly covered and will include information on protection, exposure, the effects of radioactive exposure, how to measure exposure, and what to do in the case of overexposure. There are many state and federal regulations which technicians must obey due to the radioactive nature of substances used in this field, so this course is very important.

Other cover various subjects in radiology, including radiologic pathology, radiologic positioning, radiographic physics, and radiation biology.


The average tuition for radiology technician schools varies greatly depending on location in Wernersville PA 50036, type of institution, and length of the program. Training programs can take anywhere from two to four years depending on the level of education.

Radiology technician programs can be found at technical schools, community colleges, and universities. Community colleges have the lowest cost of tuition and provide a quality education that is equal to the training received at a university. Technical schools can be expensive, but this varies greatly depending on location. Universities are generally the most expensive, partly because they can offer longer and more intensive degree programs.

Radiology Technician Schools and Accreditation in Wernersville PA 50036

Some of the highest-rated schools and programs include: Stanford University in Stanford, California; University of the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C.; Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland; and Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

It is recommended to study at a school that has been accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, or JRCERT, which is the only organization that can accredit radiology technician training programs. If a student wants to become certified by the ARRT after graduation, he or she must have completed a JRCERT accredited program.

With many radiology technician schools available nationwide offering high quality programs, you can be assured that you will be adequately prepared for an exciting, rewarding career as technician in the field of radiology.

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